Milk Raffle

Organic MilkWe are having a Local Organic Grass-Fed, Manchester-Farms, Milk Raffle in the local Pittsburgh area!

When you purchase a 1/2 gallon of our milk, you receive a Raffle ticket from the person doing the demos.

The Raffle is for a months worth of Manchester-Farms Milk.

That is (3) 1/2 gallons a week.  Your choice of whole or Skim Milk.

You can pick up Raffle tickets at Robinson, Cranberry & South Hills Giant Eagle Market Districts or at the New Whole Foods in Wexford, when you purchase 1/2 gallon of our Manchester-Farms Milk.

The drawing will take place the last day of June



13 thoughts on “Milk Raffle”

  1. Yes, I guess I didn’t read the blog news good enough as I need to buy the milk when their is a demo person? I can only go on Tuesday nights! And demo’s are only on Sat. and Sun.
    I love your milk but have to go so far to get it!
    thanks, Jill

    1. Jill,
      So sorry, my computer has been down and I am now just getting back on!
      It is too late this month, but the next time we do the raffle, send me your receipts and I will get you some tickets. Thanks for your support!

  2. My wife, 12 year old and I live in the City of Pittsburgh (Brookline) and buy your Whole Milk at Whole Foods in East Liberty. I grew up and lived in South Fayette Twp for 35 years. I used to buy milk many years ago from Morgan Farm (It’s a National Veterans Cemetery now along I-79) in Washington County – back then, it was $1.25 a gallon, bring your own glass gallon bottle and fill it up and leave your $1.25 in the box. We got the same cream on top of the bottle that we get with your whole milk. I like the idea that the cows are grass fed – if the public was better educated, they would realize the value in that. I would like to visit your farm sometime, just to see the cows. I am an animal lover. Let me know if that is a possibility sometime. (by the way, the girl that does check out at McGinnis Brothers on route 88 said you folks are really nice people)
    Anyway, Thank You for your dedication to good milk and heathy cows. Ken Zapatka – Pittsburgh PA 412 401 2807

    1. Hi Ken,
      Thank you for your note!
      We are not able to do any tours at the time on the farm. We are all so busy, but maybe sometime in the future!
      Thanks for your support!

  3. I got my ticket. The dude at the store said I had to come to the website to enter my ticket number? I see no way to do that…

    1. Sorry about that! He should have said that the winning number will be posted on the website on July 2nd!
      Thanks for your support!

  4. Your fat free milk is delicious. We bought it at the Robinson Giant Eagle last Sunday. I plan on buying it whenever I see it is available. Thank you!

  5. Thanks for trying us! We love your support! Pass us on to your friends and like us on facebook! We need more people like you!
    Margie Manchester

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