Fresh Corn

What is summer to me?  Fresh corn!

Farmer Dave Roos at Left Bower Farm certainly grew the sweetest and most delicious corn this year! It brought back memories of my childhood and my grandparents, Marmee & Pop!

Pop at the grill with a big thick steak and his white apron!

And all of us cousins sitting together husking the corn up on Lake Erie..

I remember it was usually, Our Mom’s (My mom Joan and her twin, Jean’s birthdays, July 27th)!  What fun we had!

When we were at the lake, Dad, Hugh Manchester, would wake us and we would go out and raise the flag! (and if I was lucky, no one else would wake and my dad would take me water skiing.  the lake would be like glass, It was dad & me and the whole lake belonged to us!)

Then the rest of the day would be spent at the beach swimming, sailing and water skiing and then at the end of the day we would have a great family dinner!  There is nothing better than family!

Then we would take the flag down and fold it military style!

3 thoughts on “Fresh Corn”

  1. I could not find your website so do not know what I would be linking to. Can you tell me more and give me your website address?

  2. It is amazing! You have probably already gotten it! I brought the water to a boil, dropped it in and cooked it, maybe 3 -4 min. Did not need butter or salt!

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