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Ingredients to Avoid

The more I get into learning about our foods, and what is added to them. The more I am shocked!

You have to check this web site out 6 Ingredients You May Not want in Your Food

Butane in chicken nuggets to keep them fresh!

Antifreeze in cake mixes to keep them moist?

This one is just over the top……. Castoreum comes out of a beavers behind, extracted from their anal glands  and used to make artificial raspberry flavoring!  Think about that the next time you order a raspberry ice tea!!!!?????

As I was checking out other sites I came across this one, lunch box bunch.  It is a fun informative web site! Here is the link that gives a list of Food Additives to Avoid!  I find it really nice to have a list that I can look up chemicals and foods that I do not know.