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The Farmer’s Table dinner at Manchester-Farms with Left Bower Farm

1 of our gardens in the front lawn 2013-06-14 22.30.07 2013-06-15 00.45.33 2013-06-15 00.46.02 2013-06-15 00.55.35 2013-06-15 05.44.29 2013-06-15 05.44.35 2013-06-15 05.44.40 2013-06-15 05.44.44 2013-06-15 05.47.49 2013-06-15 05.48.08 2013-06-15 05.48.40 2013-06-15 17.55.32 2013-06-15 17.58.06 2013-06-15 18.10.36 2013-06-15 18.10.41 2013-06-15 18.30.59 2013-06-15 18.57.51 2013-06-15 19.11.40 2013-06-15 19.11.51 2013-06-15 19.26.56 What an amazingly fun evening we had to night!  Thanks to Chef Jacob Mains and his crew from The Farmer’s Table!  The dinner was exceptional, guests wonderful and the day and setting spectacular!  Thank you to all that participated!  

The photos show the set-up through the dinner.






2013-06-15 20.08.36 2013-06-15 20.11.21

Great recipes for your Manchester-Farms Berkshire Ham for Easter!

It is almost Easter and I have tried some wonderful Berkshire Ham recipes!  Check them out!


This recipe is one of my absolute favorites …. It is milk braised pork and is great with our Manchester-Farms Milk and  Berkshire HamIMG_0323        The recipe  calls for  a pork roast, but I use our fresh ham and it is excellent! Just make sure not to over cook the ham.

This is another wonderful recipe from Ina Garten for Baked  Virginia Ham  Again I use our fresh ham for this and make sure again not to over cook it.  I cook the ham for 10 to 13 min a pound.

Paula Deen has some great recipes too!  This is her recipe for Fresh Ham!

Enjoy!  Spring is almost here!

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